To Get Your Home SOLD!

The First Step

The first step in marketing your home to get it sold is pricing it right. That’s why The RESLA Group spends time on the front end completing a comparative market analysis, reviewing that information with you, and then, coming up with a competitive price to get your home sold for the most money in the least amount of time. 

The Sign in Your Yard

Once we’ve agreed on a price and your home is staged and ready to show, we begin our full Marketing Program, starting with our sign in your yard. We’ve worked hard to create a great reputation in the marketplace, so that our “For Sale” sign in your yard will draw agents and buyers who have seen us, heard of us, and are confident in working with us.

Internet Advertising

We’ll market your property in full color, 24 hours a day, to buyers around the world on our website. Buyers can see your home whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. See for yourself at: 

Virtual Tour

Buyers today are tech-savvy. Many of them want the opportunity to ‘tour’ your home from the comfort of theirs. We’ll create a multimedia tour of your home and place it on our website for buyers across the world to see. 

Talking Ads

Many buyers want information immediately. That’s why we’ll market your property 24 hours a day on our Interactive Voice Response System. Potential buyers can access a detailed recorded description of your property anytime of the day or night—hassle free. The system “captures” their number, so we can personally follow up on each inquiry about your property. 

Property Flyer

Buyers and other agents will know your home is special. We will design a professional-quality flyer to highlight the key features and benefits of your home, show appealing photos, and get buyers and other agents to want to find out more about your special home. Please call our Listing Manager when your supply of Property Flyers starts to run low. 


When someone shows your property, their feedback, good or bad, is essential to getting your home sold. Our Listing Manager, who will be in touch with you weekly, calls all agents who show your home and delivers that feedback back to you. You’ll be able to take action immediately to help ensure that your home has its best face forward.

Caravan/Property Tours

Many of our listings are sold to buyers who are working with our team. Our staff of dedicated Buyer Specialists will familiarize themselves with the features and benefits of your home and make sure that our buyers have the opportunity to see your home first. 

Promotion to Other Realtors

Your property will be promoted through the local Multiple Listing Service to over 15,000 Realtors. These Realtors and their clients will be able to see full details and color photos of your home. 

Our Team Marketing

In addition to marketing specific to your home, The RESLA Group also advertises in online and offline to make sure that when people think of real estate they think of us. This provides The RESLA Group team a continuous stream of buyers that we can show your home to.