Everything from A to Z for buying a home in Northern Virginia, Maryland & DC.  

THE TRUE COST OF RENTING - Have you thought about the yearly cost of renting a home? The average rental amount in the Washington Metro area is $1,750 per month, if you continued to pay this amount in 7 years, you would have paid $147,000 in rent.

THE HOMEBUYING PROCESS - From selecting a loan to closing on your home. 

DETERMINE YOUR HOUSING NEEDS - Begin thinking about your needs and wants in a home - lifestyle, shopping, number of bedrooms and more. 


RESEARCH THE BEST SCHOOL FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY - Every family is different when it comes to choosing a home. Some choose close to work and others being close to a high rated school is high on their radar. Find the home close to your school of choice. 

MORTGAGE GUIDE - Learn about how much the home you like will cost you with principal, interest, taxes, insurance, private mortgage insurance, homeowners association. Watch this video on how to buy a home - click here

MORTGAGE PROGRAMS - Conventional, FHA, VA and RHS. 

MORTGAGE PROCESS - From pre-approval to closing disclosure

MORTGAGE DOCUMENT CHECKLIST - Learn the documents you will need for your mortgage.

LOAN TYPES - What are the different loan types.

THE ANATOMY OF A MORTGAGE PAYMENT - Learn what’s included in a mortgage payment. 

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES - It’s important to know what “NOT” to do when you are buying a home.

TITLE INSURANCE - Insurance is everywhere. It's important to have insurance on your real estate investment. The lender protects themselves with lenders title insurance. Learn more about protect you and your investment with owner’s title insurance.

BUYING A HOME WITH ANOTHER PERSON - Find out the different ways to have your title.

WHO REPRESENTS WHO - Learn about the different types of agency.

WANT A BRAND NEW HOME - Learn why you should have an agent represent you when you buy a new home. 

BENEFITS OF USING A PROFESSIONAL REALTOR - It won’t cost you a penny to have buyer’s agent. 

CLOSING COST - Learn about the different closing cost items and who pays for what.

CLOSING DAY - Learn what type of documents that you will sign on closing day.

FIRST MORTGAGE PAYMENT DUE - After you close on your home, when will your first mortgage payment be.

SCHEDULE YOUR PHONE CALL - Learn about your options. 


REQUEST A PRE-APPROVAL - Learn about your mortgage options. 

DOWNLOAD MY MOBILE APP - Search for real estate on your mobile device

MILITARY GUIDE - Are you PCSing soon? Make your relocation to the Washington Metro area smooth with our MRP experience.