Thank you for visiting my resource page on the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. 

Financial experts recommend that you make calls to your creditors for options and extensions. Learn more about your options for mortgage, automobiles, insurance, student loans, credit cards and more.

Please download your copy of the hardship resources with mortgage, insurance and other resources to assist you in your time of need. All companies are not listed on the hardship list, I would recommend that you reach out to your creditors to see what your options are.


  1. Make a list of your all of your creditors
  2. Plan a time to schedule your calls (Creditors are experiencing longer than normal call volumes. You need patience)
  3. Call your creditors and explain your situation and find out your options (Options maybe different based on your situation with the company)


Download your copy of the hardship resources

e are in this together! United we stand.