Many home owners have a preception that they can sell their own home without the assistance of an agent. 

Reason's why?

1. To save money. 
2. Previous experience with an agent.
3. They have sold their home before and it felt easy.

These are the main reasons why people choose not to work with an agent but I am here to tell you, realtors save you money and time! 

 Guide to For Sale by Owner

1. Research the market data in your area. Go to multiple listing service.

2. Check out the competition. Is it a buyers or sellers market? How will your home fit in the real estate market?

3. Choose your list price. Did you know that pricing a home correctly is the essential part of selling a home. The truth is that every home sells for the right price based on condition and features offered to the buyer.

4. Premarketing. Your home must be a show place. De-cutter, paint and add curb appeal to the home. Think HGTV.

5. Take listing photos. Many homes sell online first. You have to capture them online before they will ever call for an appointment. 

6. List it on the MLS. List your home with an MLS service. Without these basic necessities, it will be hard to get an offer on your home without a yard sign, open house signs and listing flyers. If you list with my team, you’ll get all the essentials to sell your home, plus top notch negotiating and marketing services

7. Be available. You will need to be available for questions, showings, inspections, appraisal, termite inspection and other times for the buyer that is usually done during the week and may cause you to be out of work.

8. Hire an attorney. You will need an attorney to take care of the contracts and other items in a real estate transaction. Without the assistance of an agent, you should find a real estate attorney to mind the details of your home sale.

9. Find another home. Where will you be relocating to? Will you hire an agent to assist in your home purchase? Handling multiple transactions can be scary without the right knowledge and contingencies to protect you as a purchaser. Even if you don’t hire an agent to sell your home, you should hire one for your next home purchase.

10. Close the sale. Hire a reputable title company to handle the closing process and paperwork and keep track of your deadlines in your contract. If any liens come up in your title report, work with your title agent or attorney to resolve them and successfully close the sale.

Has this list overwhelmed you, speak with a skilled real estate professional about your options. Ask about our professional services to net you the most money. Flill out your information below or Text LIST to 240-284-4114 to learn the benefits of using an agent.

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