Learn about how much the home you like will cost you with principal, interest, taxes, insurance, private mortgage insurance, homeowners association dues. 

For a more detailed analysis of your mortgage loan, give me a call for a referral to an area lender so you will have an actual monthly payment. This is for educational purposes only. 

The information is deemed to be reliable. Interest rates change daily and may be less or more when you apply for your mortgage application.

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Rule of Thumb for Mortgage Loans

The front end ratio is for housing expenses and the back end is housing expenses plus monthly obligations such as car payments, credit cards, student loans and any other monthly payment. 

  • FHA DTI - 31% Front End / 43% Back End (Up to 55% based on program and lender)
  • Conventional DTI - 28% Front End / 36% Back End (Up to 45% based on program and lender)
  • VA - DTI - 41% (Up to 50% based on program and lender)

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