Become a Real Estate Referral Agent in Virginia, other 49 states & Canada

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you thinking of a career in real estate?
  • Do you have a real estate license with a full-time job and no time for business?
  • Are you thinking of deactivating your real estate license?

Consider becoming a referring agent...

Most people are unaware that a real estate license can be used in many different facets of real estate. You can be part-time, full-time or become a referral agent.


Becoming a referral agent allows you to keep your license without having high fees and demands of the business by referring business to others. To be a referral agent, you must have an active real estate license; but, you may not practice real estate and park their license at a brokerage company that allows for referral agents.

Everyone is looking for multiple streaming of income in today’s economy. Think of creating an extra source of income for yourself by referring business to other agents throughout the country.

If you are not licensed yet, here is information on becoming licensed in Virginia

To become a licensed salesperson by the Real Estate Board, applicants must:

complete 60 class/clock hours of a Board-approved Principles of Real Estate Pre-License Courses (PDF), and pass the state and national portions of the examination.

Options for taking the pre-licensing class online:

To view additional approved schools and course offerings



  • Applicants must obtain approval from the Board prior to taking the exam.
  • Exam Vendor:  PSI
  • Exam Fees (paid directly to PSI): $60



Next, decide which brokerage to park your license. If you park your license at Keller Williams Realty. We have a database of thousands of real estate professionals ready to assist your buyer and seller referrals in the United States, Canada, South Africa and Vietnam. The average person connects with at least one person every quarter looking to buy or sell. Why not refer the business and get paid for referring the business.

I would like to become your referral partner in Virginia, Maryland and DC. I am licensed to service these areas. Once you are licensed, as your referral partner , I will agree to the following terms:

Level 1 - Receive 20% referral fee (based on my commissions earned)

Transactions closed with the final sales price of $150,000 and under

Level 2 - Receive 25% referral fee (based on my commissions earned)

Transactions closed with the final sales price of $150,001- $300,000

Level 3 - Receive 30% referral fee (based on my commissions earned)

Transactions closed with the final sales price of $300,001 and above

For example:

Refer a buyer or seller, after negotiations and settlement, the final sales price is $300,000 and the agreed commission paid by the other brokerage is 3%.

  • $300,000 x 3% = $9,000 total commission
  • $9,000 x 25% = $2,250
  • $2,250 for referring a name. Refer just 4 deals per year, that’s $9,000 extra per year

It’s important to note that as a licensed referral agent, you may NOT practice real estate in any way as it is the law. You may only send potential clients to actively licensed agent practicing real estate. Earn more today! Whichever plan you decide is the best for you. I wish you the best in your plans. For more information, call me at (703) 474-1754

*Referral fee is paid to the brokerage of the referring agent and may have additional fees associated fees/splits associated with the final net commission paid to the referring agent. The referring agent is considered a 1099 independent contractor. The referring agent is responsible for federal and state taxes.

Become a Real Estate Referral Agent in 49 states other than Virginia

Become a Real Estate Referral Agent in Canada