How many subscritpions do you have? Are you aware of how much you are spending?

This is helpful checklist to get your spending in check on a monthly basis. 

Step 1 - Review your bank account or credit card statements for automatic charges.

Step 2 - Use the chart (CLICK HERE to download your copy) and make additional subscription charges

Subscription Type Sample Cost Actual Cost Useage
Amazon Music Music $19.99   Daily
Amazon Prime Shopping, shopping and video $14.99   Once a month
Apple Fitness+ Music $19.99   Daily
Apple Music Music $10.99   Weekly
BET+ Streaming Premium Network $9.99   Bi-weekly
BJ's Warehouse Warehouse, gas discounts YEARLY   Daily
Cinemax Streaming Premium Network $9.99   Once a month
Comcast Cable VARIES   Daily
Costco Warehouse, gas discounts YEARLY   Weekly
Disney+ Streaming Premium Network $9.99   Bi-weekly
ESPN Streaming Premium Network $9.99   Daily
HBO Max Streaming Premium Network $14.99   Once a month
Hulu Streaming Network $14.99   Daily
Kindle Unlimited Books $9.99   Weekly
Netflix Streaming Network $18.99   Bi-weekly
Pandora Music $19.99   Daily
Peacock Streaming Premium Network $9.99   Once a month
Sam's Club Warehouse, gas discounts YEARLY   Daily
Showtime Streaming Premium Network $9.99   Weekly
Spotify Music $14.99   Bi-weekly
Verizon Cable VARIES   Bi-weekly
Total of Monthly Subscription Fees $219.84  

Step 3 - Add up all the cost of your subscription charges

Step 4 - Put an X next to the subscriptions that you do not use or want anymore (If you do not use the subscription service at least twice a week, then you should consider canceling the service)

Step 5 - Cancel the service. Depending on when your billing cycle ends, you may have to pay for the service for one additional month

Step 6 - Add up the canceled subscription amounts and setup an automatic draft for that amount

Step 7 - Now, you have new additional savings for unexpected expenses


  • Apple users make sure you check your subscriptions that are automatically billed

  • Hulu allows you to pause your billing for up to 12 weeks without canceling your account

  • Hulu check your premium channel add ons

  • Amazon Prime check your premium channel add ons