2" White Faux Window Blinds installed after you purchase from the big box store (Must purchase from Lowe's or Home Depot). These stores install but you may not like the service. I am a designer who has had experience with these companies. You need personal service.

1. Consultant comes to your house to measure.
2. She takes measurements to Home Depot/Lowes. You purchase the blinds. (about 65.00 a window measuring 36 x 72)
3. The store consultant pulls the blinds and cuts what is needed.
4. The consultant returns to the store to pick up the blinds and check for correct measurement. She delivers the blinds to your home (with room labels)
5. An appointment is made with the blind installer (professional)

1. The customer pays Lowes/Home Depot cash/credit card.


1. Customer pays the installer for each window.

$25.00 window blinds
$35.00 vertical blinds
$5.00  removal of old blinds
$20.00 additional for windows over 10ft
$15.00  mounting on metal or tile

Surcharge for travel outside of Prince William County.

Contact Sharon Sargeant (703) 609-2152